The L-Shaped Device

macedonian_bronzes.jpgI borrowed this idea from the science of biogeometry (the study of how forms and shapes can have an effect on living things), following a tip by A. Martherus, a fellow open-minded and forward-thinking Beltist. Although the creator of this shape, Dr. I. Karim, did not intend for its use in audio, I believe it works on what is recognized as Beltian principles. That is to say, while I have not confirmed its effect on medical health or crops (these shapes are said to have a positive effect on both), I have confirmed its effect on audio. Or more specifically, our perception of reproduced music. In fact, I designed this shape simply as a free and viable means of demonstrating the Belt phenomenon to the uninitiated. If you do perceive any change in lshape.jpgthe sound, remember that whether that change is deemed beneficial or not, it is an observation of the phenomenon.

Download the picture below (right-click, “Save As….”), and read the instructions that follow.




How to Print Out

You have a JPEG of 4 shapes. Print them out large as you can on a sheet of paper (my original figures were shapes of approx 10.5cm from top to bottom, with the longest leg approx. 8cm, and the width of the shape about 1.5cm). The smaller they are the less perceptible they are. You can also make them larger if you wish.

Once printed, cut the shapes from the paper in rectangles (you do not need to follow the shape itself). If you printed 4 at a time, you’ll have 4 rectangles. That’s a good start, but for some people, even 4 is not enough to positively hear an effect. For this reason, I recommend printing out at least a dozen L-shapes.

How To Apply

This part’s easy. You simply need to tape a piece of paper with an L-shape printout on it to an object with a minimum (small piece) of scotch tape. You don’t have to see the shape with your eyes for it to have an effect, and in fact, it is better (soundwise) that printed side be facing toward the object (ie. speakers) it is attached to.

Where To Apply

You can start with the audio system, but really, it could have a beneficial effect placed on almost anything. Where on the object it is placed is more important, in terms of sound quality. Best places to start is near the input & output of equipment; ie. the input jacks on the back of cd player, amp, etc., or near the power cord, or speaker terminals or the center of the speaker panels. Next you can try the center of shelves or wall units, on or inside equipment too (ie. on top of or under equipment covers), etc.

· the advanced audiophile

The Odd-Even Rule

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The P.W.B. Morphic Link Bookmark

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