“Will somebody close the damn door already?! I’m trying to do a listening test!”

This category includes both reviews that I’ve written (ie. the Synergistic Acoustic A.R.T. room treatment system), and that others have written (ie. published reviews on products from P.W.B. Electronics). Hope to expand on it more, in the future.

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· the advanced audiophile

The Odd-Even Rule

Now here’s what may sound like an unusual theory… of which I have no doubt, no conventional thinker will believe. Even if they can claim tens of years of experience in audio. If you fit that bill and just react with amusement… then great. Call me the new “Cartoons on(full article)

The P.W.B. Morphic Link Bookmark

This review of P.W.B.’s “Morphic Link Bookmark” can be considered “Part 2” of my review on the “Morphic Link Paper Clips”, from P.W.B. Electronics. Particularly as this new device followed that one in series, and both follow the same concept: “linking or breaking patterns of morphic resonance”, as the instruction(full article)

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