The Sugar & Salt Technique

This one is so obvious, you always end up saying to yourself… “Why didn’t I think of it before?!”. But the answer is also obvious. Peter’s a genius. You’re not. 🙂 Peter Belt observed that light forms an inverse (energy) pattern of itself when it hits a transparent obstacle, and is particularly modified by it. This, it is said, creates an adverse energy pattern that human senses react to. Salt and sugar is the chemical requirement that the body requires to manipulate the energy patterns absorbed by our bodies. In nature, green plant material has it’s own variation of salt and sugar, so that it can correctly manipulate sunlight. An effort here is made to reverse the inverted energy patterns on transparent objects, and plant material, through the use of salt and sugar.

Here’s how that works: Place a good pinch of salt in a smal bag (ie. Ziploc), and a good pinch of salt, in another bag. Place the sugar bag on the upper surface of the object, the salt is placed (or attached via minimal tape, etc.) under the object. The object in question can be something as benign (and natural) as a green leaf, including one in your nearby garden! Or, it can be the center hole of a CD (that is not being used!). Or, a small piece of glass or other transparent material.

I got this  incredibly inventive technique from the product description for P.W.B’s “Special One DropSugar & Salt technique Liquid”. The One Drop liquid was designed to create the effect of the salt/sugar “fix”, and indeed enhance it much further, without the need to have bags of salt & sugar everywhere. I don’t know many audio products where you can improve your sound from the ad for the product, before you’ve even purchased the product! What’s even more remarkable is, you are able to improve the sound before even opening the product! I don’t know anything else that effective, in or out of audio! Strange but true. The reason, at least partially, is the bottle itself has been treated (the giveaway is the gold-coloured foil on its side). I had 8 pairs of A/B double blind tests done on me, where the unopened bottle was placed in the centre of a CD, and I had to detect if it was present in the room, or absent, based only on the changes to the music. The changes were easy to determine nearly every time, I got 7 tries correct. I don’t expect I would have done as well in my tests with the salt & sugar technique, as even the unopened bottle of One Drop liquid is far more effective. Still, it’s worth trying.


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The Odd-Even Rule

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The P.W.B. Morphic Link Bookmark

This review of P.W.B.’s “Morphic Link Bookmark” can be considered “Part 2” of my review on the “Morphic Link Paper Clips”, from P.W.B. Electronics. Particularly as this new device followed that one in series, and both follow the same concept: “linking or breaking patterns of morphic resonance”, as the instruction(full article)

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