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I don’t quite know why, but there is a strong Hungarian hi-fi community, who know and treat Peter Belt not as a pariah (as is often the regard he gets from his fellow British subjects!), but more as a prophet. How strong? Well, in just one search result on his name on one Hungarian forum, I was able to cull over 239 pages of discussion in reference to Peter Belt. And not pages filled with ignorance, insults and condemnation of him, as you find on many other forums. But articles with positive experiments and discussions, related to him and his discoveries. That alone suggests there are actually more people discussing Belt/Beltism in Hungary, than in the entire rest of the world’s discussion groups combined! (P.W.B.’s forum excepted). Now why is that, I wonder?

Hungary apparently, had a thriving hi-fi community in the 80’s. And they, without irony, consider their hi-fi hobbyist magazine, named what else?, “Hi-Fi Magazine”, to be not just “world class” quality, but the world’s best hi-fi magazine! And you know… they may be right about that! I’ve read some of it. I’ve also read all the British hi-fi mags of the same period, and the American and Canadian ones, and a few others. Even in contrast to the British publications, the Hungarian Hi-Fi equivalent actually reads at a more intelligent level, without the condescending snarkiness often found in British press prose.

What this magazine appears to demonstrate, is that Hungarian hi-fi hobbyists have a genuine thirst for and love of knowledge. As audiophiles, they also reveal themselves to be a lot more open-minded. Not to mention far less paranoid and cynical than the British audiophiles at large. They’re also more dedicated to their hobby, with a much more serious and focused pursuit of experimentation within that hobby, than either their British or American counterparts have shown. Moreover, the magazine effortlessly covers subjects farther and wider than just audio. Perhaps that explains why Peter Belt was prominently featured among its pages, in the late 80’s/early 90’s, across numerous articles.  But I suspect one “Laszlo Darvas”, the magazine’s editor, had a lot to do with the Hungarian hi-fi community’s consciousness of Peter Belt, and the directions the magazine went in. In fact, I just finished writing a lot about Laszlo Darvas, in the article “Beltism for the Blind“!

That said, to help fulfill and complete the (ongoing) story of “Beltism”, I am featuring here a series of very esoteric and little known parts of the PWB legacy, for those with an interest in learning more about it. Or even just audiophiles who are keen on updating their sound (for if you’re a careful reader, you’ll surely learn some new tricks reading what some of these guys wrote back in the day!). Some of the articles contain photos and descriptions of early P.W.B. devices and concepts. Including some now-defunct devices I myself had not ever seen or heard of before. That were it not for the messages on this forum, would surely be lost to the tides of time.

n.b. All of the P.W.B. related articles from “Hi-Fi Magazin” are represented here by the covers of the magazines that contained them. Just click on the cover to read the article. These are not the full issues. Most of the content pulled is mostly what was related to Beltism. Finally, it was all translated from the original Hungarian to English, so some of it won’t make too much sense! You’ll be able to practice your ability to read between the lines…

n.b.2: The articles provided below are by no means an “Introduction to Beltism”. So if you are not already familiar with the background and culture of Beltism, there’s probably little to nothing of the articles referenced here that will make much sense to you. Depending on your level of knowledge of the subject, as in regards to its history, you may have a hard enough time understanding them, as it stands! But no matter where you’re at with this, I’d say just about anybody and everybody outside of small cadre of hobbyists in Hungary, is likely to find something new to learn in these readings….


HFM #28: Early writings about “charge traps” and “harmful electromagnetic fields”:


HFM #29Fourth Dimension: The PWB Ghost


HFM #31: Spiritualization – Interview with Peter W. Belt


HFM #32: 

“Peter Belt is experimenting in two directions. As an inventor, wishes to explore the full scope of the PWB effect; as engineer, seeks more and more effective and more practical tools construct. Below I list some of the latest ones, which I’ve tried and proven, home, elsewhere.” – Laszlo Darvas, editor.


HFM #34

“The existence of the PWB effect has not been proven. However, 75-80% of people can do that in seconds. Peter Belt’s tools and methods are growing. They work more efficiently. Their theory is increasingly daring. Let’s look at the theory first, then let’s see where we’re going with it.” – Laszlo Darvas, editor. (Translated by TAA).


HFM #35:

“I repeat: the PWB effect is not a one dimensional phenomenon, but a one a rather complex phenomenon that is beyond the whole electroacoustics.”


HFM #36: Among other things, Laszlo goes into further details here about the blood pressure tests that he only alluded to in previous texts written about his blind tests of Beltism, in my article “Beltism for the Blind”. 



MobilArena Forum Peter Belt Search Result (Full Version):

And now for something completely special. This is a long series of threads from a Hungarian technology forum, of which Laszlo Darvas appears to be the chief mod or founder (Under the moniker: “Cammerer/Kammerer”). The hifi sub-forum featured here is filled with almost hidden, but fascinating discussions related to Peter Belt. Including blind tests some members have performed. e.g. To determine if changing the color of their clothing, can be registered as changes in their perception of sound, under blind test conditions! Even though I have long known that color has an effect on perception of sound, I have to admit, I have never thought to try a test that involves switching clothes!

n.b. This is the FULL VERSION. That means it contains most of the articles featured above in “HFM”, plus a lot of content not in those articles. It is better to read the articles above however, rather than in the forum version below, since they are much better formatted. Thus I recommend reading the below if you’ve read the articles above, so you know which parts to skip. See the redacted version below.

FULL VERSION – Click Image









MobilArena Forum Peter Belt Search Result (Redacted Version): This is the Redacted Version. It does not contain the articles above. However, it is more poorly formatted, with some images blending into the text!









“To prove the existence of the PWB effect, I should find a pioneering experiment that would allow measuring instruments to be able to get measurements to reproduce this data at any time in any laboratory. To explain the phenomenon, we should explore its mechanism of action. For the time being, no experiment or mechanism of action. It is a great deal to do with the fact that the explanation given by Peter Belt is tedious, misty, to the practitioners of science, unacceptable. This does, of course, not obviate the fact that the PWB effect does happily exist. Like any other thing whose origin is misunderstood.” – Laszlo Darvas, editor, Hi-Fi Magazin


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