The Time Machine Technique

digitalclock.jpgThis one’s more of an advanced introduction to Beltism, so really not for absolute beginners, in my opinion. But it’s certainly easy enough to carry out, it’s just getting past the concept that’s going to be difficult for first-timers. What’s the trick? Advance your digital clock by 99 minutes. Why? Well that’s obvious. In a future time, bad things haven’t happened yet.smiley.gif

I can’t recall exactly what my experiences were when I tested this one out, it’s been a good while. I remember improved sound, and then it got lost… so for the moment, until I get around to trying it again, my jury is still deciding. No reason for you to wait though, you can decide for yourself today, if it does or doesn’t have an effect on your sound.

· the advanced audiophile

The Odd-Even Rule

Now here’s what may sound like an unusual theory… of which I have no doubt, no conventional thinker will believe. Even if they can claim tens of years of experience in audio. If you fit that bill and just react with amusement… then great. Call me the new “Cartoons on(full article)

The P.W.B. Morphic Link Bookmark

This review of P.W.B.’s “Morphic Link Bookmark” can be considered “Part 2” of my review on the “Morphic Link Paper Clips”, from P.W.B. Electronics. Particularly as this new device followed that one in series, and both follow the same concept: “linking or breaking patterns of morphic resonance”, as the instruction(full article)

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  1. The time machine. I just advanced the time setting on my Mac Mini by 99 minutes.
    It is my music player. The effect is astonishing. I tried to reset to correct time, but
    Could not live with the small sound it produced. So it is staying 99 minutes ahead.
    May be worth including in the free tweaks. Well that’s another day when all the pile
    Of stuff which needs urgent attention gets left undone.

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