The P.W.B. Morphic Link Pot Plant Device

I was very heartened to see a new product for 2018 from P.W.B. this Christmas! When Santa comes around, I’ll say “That’s ok, I’m good. I got my wishes and my wants, all met and tied with a bow”. This new product is the latest in a series of “Morphic Link” devices, introduced a couple of years back with the “Morphic Link Paper Clips”. Which I wrote a late review on a few weeks ago, here. The series also includes “Morphic Link Device For Coins & Stamps“; for collectors and owners, of such items.

In the review for the Morphic Link Paper Clips, I experimented by trying out various places to fit the clips, to see which I preferred the most. As you’ll see if you read that review, one of the better places I found, was to stick it in plant pots! It seems as if P.W.B. read my mind**, and created a similar device, just for plant pots! (**I know they didn’t read the review, because I hadn’t released it yet!).

I’m not going to do as much experimentation with this latest “link in the chain”, because it doesn’t make much sense to use it for much else than plant pots. If you’re going to try using it as a bookmark etc, well there’s a particular Morphic Magnetic Bookmark, which I reviewed here, that does a better job of that.

The Gear

It was around 2 a.m. when I felt like doing the listening tests, and people were sleeping. So I used my trusty iPhone, and listened to music on earbuds for the source. If by chance doing listening tests on a piece of plastic via a cell phone causes any raised eyebrows or confused looks, please read the article “Everything Is Everything”. I hope that explains everything!

The Set-Up

As mentioned, I had already done tests with the Morphic Link Clips in potted plants, so this test was a breeze. I was not breaking new ground. Well I was, but that was just potting soil, and only to insert P.W.B.’s Plant Pot Device. “The basic rules” were already in place. In short, this means the better results were had with plant pots on the floor, and the larger the better. I’m sure where the pot is located in the room makes a difference, but I did not experiment with that. Even so, I don’t plan to move my pots. But, I do believe the pot is probably best located in front of the listening position (that’s another “educated guess”, as I didn’t listen for that).

There is also (bien sur!…), a difference in where the device is located in the pot. That I did test for. It showed to be the same as for the clips, hence why I call this “the basic rules”. IME, the device is preferable with the gold foil facing you, and in the centre of the pot. If there’s a plant there, then in front of the plant. This presumes the pot will be in front of the listening position, with the gold foil facing the listener. As to the insertion level, in the interest of best sound, I preferred the device fully inserted into the soil (of course, I could only do this with my large potted plants). The downside, is that you may forget which plant has the device! And you won’t know which way the foil is facing, if you displace the plant. 

(n.b. Do be careful upon insertion. If the soil is hard, don’t force the device, and use another location where it’s softer. Otherwise, a forced insertion could damage the plastic. And yes, that’s what almost happened to mine!).

The Sound

My immediate impression was “The sound is just better”. There I thought, I could well understand why some people hear the “P.W.B. Effect”, and don’t think anything has changed. Because e.g.; they’re used to listening for specific changes in amplitude, or or other related aspects. Like all P.W.B. devices, this does not do that. In my view, this changes everything across the board, at once. A “sound lift” I believe is how May Belt would describe things, and that I think is the best way I can describe it as well. I could feel the change as much as I could hear it. The sound was more relaxed, I was more relaxed. The sound was more refined, more interesting to listen to, and I would be inclined to believe, this improved enough that a non-audiophile would be able to recognize it in a simple listening test.

The Experimentation

As I wrote above, not much to do here…. or is there? Hmmm…. perhaps it’s time to think outside of the box? No…. perhaps it’s time to think inside the box?? Specifically, the freezer box. My favourite resting place for all manner of P.W.B. treatments! Well, one advantage, is that it takes precious little space in the freezer. In the space of two minutes, after feeling out a couple of locations and the two possible positions in the freezer, I settled on the preferred installation. Plant Pot Device lying flat on the floor of the freezer, gold foil facing up, pointy end toward the front, and pushed all the way to the back of the box.

Q. Now the only question to answer, is would this improve upon what I found to be the best plant pot installation? (Which to recap, was: largest plant pot, placed on floor, device fully inserted into soil, gold foil facing listener).

A. Yes. And no. But yes! Ok, that needs explaining…

First of all, the freezer is its own environment; like a miniature room. So where the device is located will have an effect on the sound, but that effect, will always be ‘colored’ by the ‘sonic signature’ of the freezer box. For example, on the first freezer test, the drum roll on the opening of “Wicked Woman” (by Ndidi Onukwulu), I could see that the leading edges were blurred; not as correct as with the device inserted in the plant pot. But I didn’t care! The sound was enthralling, in that location. On a “technical” level, I felt the plant installation was superior. On a purely musical level, the freezer was. Once I settled on the final location in the freezer, the “drum roll intro” in the song, was a bit better. But overall, the differences in sound characteristics between the two locations remained the same. So, for the time being, I’m leaving my plant device in the freezer, as a personal preference!

As a final thought: I have a strong feeling these things really come into their own, when you have numerous potted plants, with one Pot Plant Device installed in each. In either odd (probably) or even configurations.


Double Trouble

n.b. We’ll call this an addendum to my original review, as I am pencilling it in months after finishing the review.

This might be an interesting experiment…. It requires 2 Morphic Link Pot Plant devices. One each, installed in one potted plant, as described above. The two pots are to be situated next to each other. Then, it’s just a matter of rotating the second pot, so that the gold foil side (with the message), faces the gold foil side of the Morphic Link Pot Plant Device in the first pot.

Does this “double” the sound quality? I’d say, no. Rather, to these ears, it appears to complete the sound. The sound is not larger, it is “rounder”. As though it had squared-off edges before. It’s a more “emotional” sound, a more “musical” sound, one I cannot really analyze, nor critique. But the sort of sound I have always sought throughout my audiophile career (and yes, sometimes achieved, I might add!). When time permits, I do hope to explore this technique with other PWB related devices, to see if it opens any new avenues. As always, YMMV.

· the advanced audiophile

The Odd-Even Rule

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The P.W.B. Morphic Link Bookmark

This review of P.W.B.’s “Morphic Link Bookmark” can be considered “Part 2” of my review on the “Morphic Link Paper Clips”, from P.W.B. Electronics. Particularly as this new device followed that one in series, and both follow the same concept: “linking or breaking patterns of morphic resonance”, as the instruction(full article)

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