Many of those not in the know, have looked upon Beltists as an audio “cult”. Especially after reading P.W.B. Electronic’s customer forum. I can kind of understand why, because there are a lot of terms used among Beltists, that appear foreign to “the English” (aka outsiders, aka “the unenlightened”). But it’s like any hobby; ie. winemaking, car mechanics, what have you. A lot of times, you’re going to get terms that are strange and unfamiliar to those outside of the hobby. My hope is this article of terms defined will begin to clear some of that up….

    • Beltism/Beltian/Beltist/Belter: Used frequently on this blog, all terms relate to the scientific phenomenon discovered by the English audio engineer par excellence, Peter W. Belt. For a bit more background info on what “Beltism” is, see “Whatism?”. n.b. Alternative terms might include “” (akin to “Belter”), a reference to Peter Belt’s audio company.
      • Treatment: Beltists consider the process of changing energy patterns in objects, or even oneself, in a different regard than the more common audiophile practice of little upgrades they call “tweaks”. So they use the term “treatment”, instead of the more common term “tweak”. As it refers to treating an object/thing, in ways that attempt to influence perception of sound. I use the term “tweaks” for the most part, so as not to confuse readers. (See “Free Tweaks”).


      • Morphic Messaging: “Morphic Messages” can be found on the tags and foils designed and manufactured by P.W.B. Electronics Inc. There are various such tags, which vary in both price and efficacy (quality of sound perceived). I’ve had the opportunity to listen to some of them, and they certainly do what it says on the tin. As to the how’s of that, well, you can bet there is a lot of heated debate on this issue, when and if it does get debated. The working hypotheses for how the messages may work, is linked to the research of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake; specifically his studies in morphic resonance. One of many treatise on the subject, can be found here.

        “Morphic messages” are generally benign messages intended to imbue benign energy patterns into the object the message is attached to. As such, they can also be written out by pen, such as the specially treated “Red X Coordinate Pen“, P.W.B. offers for such an endeavour.While “morphic messaging” is only one of many ways P.W.B.ers (“Beltists”) can treat energy fields inherent in all objects, it is also one of the most versatile methods, in the gamut. Personally speaking, I have done literally thousands of tests that could fall under the category of “morphic messaging”.

        Every single one of them produced a change in sound. Not always the change I wanted, note. For the curious and the bold, I have several examples of morphic message tests, in the “Free Tweaks!” and “Experiments & Tests” categories.


    • Signature: This is not a “Beltist” term per se; it’s used in general audiophile circles. But you may find many references to “signatures” here by me, as this is a term that defines the sonic characteristic of a given device, or your sound in general, at a given moment (much as your handwriting signature represents who you are). Basically, everything has a ‘sonic signature”, regardless of whether it is an electronic device, or an object not at all related to audio.This “signature” appears to be, either partially informed by or wholly dictated by the energy patterns that can be found on that object.

      For example, some elements of this “signature” are influenced or created by the material the object is made of, the manufacturing process, the location it’s in, the direction it’s facing, other objects it may have come into contact with, not to mention your current state of being. Hence, there is no such thing as sound that remains static! (If you thought your sound only changes when you change audio components, you have a lot of learning to do!).  If I speak of an “energy signature”, it’s basically the same thing; and that relates to the status of the energy pattern on a given object or element. (n.b The reason I can often tell what a change I have made to my audio will sound like before actually listening to it, is because I am reading the “energy signature” created by the newly implemented change. See “The Force Is Within You“).


The Odd-Even Rule

Now here’s what may sound like an unusual theory… of which I have no doubt, no conventional thinker will believe. Even if they can claim tens of years of experience in audio. If you fit that bill and just react with amusement… then great. Call me the new “Cartoons on(full article)

The P.W.B. Morphic Link Bookmark

This review of P.W.B.’s “Morphic Link Bookmark” can be considered “Part 2” of my review on the “Morphic Link Paper Clips”, from P.W.B. Electronics. Particularly as this new device followed that one in series, and both follow the same concept: “linking or breaking patterns of morphic resonance”, as the instruction(full article)

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